Here are my videos. Some of my video projects are made to be seen as a bunch of little episodes.  Everything I have the right to share freely is fully available.  Only some of my very early project aren’t here.

My skating videos
As you know, I’m also a contemporary skating artist.  I do lots of videos about that.  Some of them are interesting little documentaries.

Maisons de fous (only in French, for now)
Documentary series for TV – About mental illness and re-adaptation residences in the community.  It kind of disappeared in the vault of its broadcaster but, right now and until May 19th 2012, it is available online, if you are in Canada:

Foliewood / Crazywood (I’m working on the subtitling/dubbing)
Documentary series for the web – About mental illness and re-adaptation residences in the community.

Clé 56 / Key 56
Documentary series for the web – About 2 patients of a psychiatric hospital.

Untitled 1 – video image / Sans titre 1 – image video
Just a nice video image.  I did some experimentation about the perception of music, so it’s available in 2 versions: silent and musical.

Mercredi Ordinary
Documentary – about a sleazy Jazz dive of Montreal

The Ghosts of Silo No.5 / Les fantômes du Silo No.5
Documentary about a group of delinquent urban explorers

Les Gommibères 2 / Gummy Bears 2
Frame by frame animation.  Censored version only available online.

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