The London Riots – 2011

Aug92011: London’s riots are spreading to more and more neighborhoods.  Tonight, I filmed in Croydon, at the South limit of the city.  Many buildings are on fire, including homes.  The looting scenes are scary.  Police force protects the zones still not touched.  Other zones are completely under the control of vandals emptying shoe, video games and cell phones shops.  More images soon.
Here for my take on the event: London Riots might improve education statistics

Aug142011: The English people is still in shock.  They don’t understand why big groups of their fellow citizens suddenly behaved like an enemy barbaric tribe.  The hypothesis are numerous: denunciation of the governement, class war, poverty, etc.  If only the looters had published a manifesto, or something to let the people understand…  But, no.  Only images of youths smashing and destroying.  I’ll attempt another little analysis by observing a culture that celebrates the kind of state of mind I witnessed on the street, during the riots: Gangster Rap.

Part of the images I filmed during the riots, in Croydon, on Aug. 9th 2011

A few minutes later, a looter sneaks behind me, tells me “what’s up” and tries to steal my camera.  I only lost the camera bag and my bike in the skirmish.  A few minutes later, another vandal salutes me joyfully and offers me a stolen beer.  I decline the invitation and go back home to Brixton to empty the memory card.

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