The Ghosts of Silo No.5


- Shot between 2003 and 2006
- In French, English subtitles available
- 20 minutes
- About a group of urban explorers, imagination and the passing of age

Do yourself a favor and watch that full screen by clicking the little arrows in the lower right corner of the video window.

An early projet, with many little faults, but I’m proud of it.  The film is beautiful and I am happy I tried something different until the end.

Bonnus: trailer

Awards and stuff
- Official Selection, “Fantasia Film Festival”, Montreal, 2007
- Official Selection, “Everglades International Film Festival”, South Africa, 2007
- Official selection, nominated for “Best Student Film / Video”,“Swansea Bay Film Festival”, United Kingdom, 2007
- Official selection, “Deep Fried Film Festival”, Scotland, 2007
- Official selection, Public’s award, “Vidéaste RECherché.e” video festival, Québec, 2006
- My first TV broadcasted documentary (on Radio-Canada, région de Québec)

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