Reg Hartt Live in Montréal – KID DRACULA

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I personally saw this dozens of times, without getting bored of it.  The film is a not-to-be-missed masterpiece.  Because it doesn’t have a soundtrack, when it was first showed, each cinema hired a pianist.  Mr. Hartt’s contribution is completely legitimate and valid.  His Radiohead soundtrack is excellent.
But, most importantly, the spoken-word performance he offers before the film is the main attraction.  Vampires are amongst us…
- Alex Hamel

June 12th 2014, à 21h30 

The Loft Crade is a private a secret pop-up venue.
The precise location will be revealed the day of the event to people who bought tickets or contacted Reg directly:

How much:
20$.  Includes admission to the other programs of the night.

How to book:
Seating VERY limited.
2 options:
-Write to Mr. Hartt directly:
- Buy a ticket by clicking this button: btn_buynow_LG
(click “Don’t have a PayPal account” to pay with your credit card)
You become a member of the Loft Crade for one night.

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