Mercredi Ordinary

- Shot in 2007
- In Montrealer (French and English with subtitles for anglos and francos)
- About a Jazz tavern, the Barfly, and its house band, Colin Perry and Blind

The whole documentary

Bonus: trailer

The project changed names about 10 times, but this is really the trailer of what became “Mercredi Ordinary”

About the project
I don’t like Jazz documentaries.  Ken Burns covered it all, just quit it!  Interviews of Jazz musicians get me bored.  The footage in shows is always crap, with crowds bobbing their heads on the wrong beat because the B-roll footage of the spectators was shot during another song.  So this is not a documentary about Jazz.  Its a faithful image of what Wednesday night at Barfly is, for me, the drunk groupie of Blind.  And the spectators bob their heads on the right beat.

Awards and stuff
- Official selection of the Kansas City Filmmaker’s Jubilee in 2008, I think
But it’s just not the kind of “touching-interviews-fashionable-subject” documentary that wins stuff so it only won the most important award of all:
- My favourite of all my documentaries!

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