Maisons de fous (Mad houses)


- Shot in 2010-2011
- In French only
- 8 episodes of 26 minutes each
- About people with mental illnesses and living in external residences of a psychiatric hospital.
- Produced by: Pixcom Inc.
- Broadcasted by: TV5 Canada
- Thanks to: Louis-H.Lafontaine psychiatric hospital, Résidence Petite Patrie et Résidences Viau
- The series came out of a web project which gave Foliewood (Crazywood in English)

Official website of the broadcasting by TV5 CANADA

The best place to see the series
TV5 video website
(If the link is broken, it’s because the broadcaster took the series off it’s website)

The best place to discuss it
Facebook page of Foliewood: Very active page where the viewers comment the series.  Sometimes, the subjects answer questions themselves.  This is really cool!
Twitter Hashtage #Maisonsdefous.  I commented the first TV broadcast of each episode

First TV broadcast
From september to november 2011, every wednesdays 19h30, TV5 Canada
Replays: Fridays 14h30 and Tuesdays 22h30

I did a web series especially to complement the TV broadcasting.  You can see anecdotes from the shoot.  It’s much, much more than a making-of…
Of course, Crazywood is about the same people.  It follows their life and their process to create films about their own condition
Le rap de Petite Patrie, composed and sang by subjects of the series (In French only)

To learn more
Foliewood’s official website adds interesting texts about mental health (In French only)
My strange Varticle about the catastrophic premiere of Foliewood (In French only)
How I started the project (In French only)

A little Vlog answering questions of viewers (in French only)

In the medias
(all in French only):
Canoe, septembre 2011
Radio-Canada’s Radio, septembre 2011
Metro Newspaper, september 2011 - about the new programming of TV5
Le Devoir, september 2011
– Made the first page of this important daily!
La Presse, septembre 2011 – My only bad critic (who very positively reviewed the Canadian equivalent of the “Big Brother” reality TV show)
Independant article of a psychology student, october 2011- Interesting reflexion about the meaning of the expression “Reality TV”.


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