June 5ht 2014 – 20h - Séance de cinéma hallucinogène at the Loft Crade  (full)
June 11th 2014 - 21h30 - Reg Hartt’s “Jane Jacobs – Urban Wisdom”
June 12th 2014 – 19h00 - Reg Hartt’s Sex and Violence Cartoon Festival
June 12th 2014 – 21h30 - Reg Hartt’s Kid Dracula au Loft Crade
June 12th 2014 – MIDNIGHT - Reg Hart’s “What I learned with LSD”
June 12th - 20h - Séance de cinéma hallucinogène au Loft Crade 
June 20th 2014 – 20h - Documentaire Résidences Psychiatriques 1 btn_buynow_LG
June 21st 2014 – 21h - Electro House Party avec JBee au Loft Crade btn_buynow_LG
June 27th 2014 – 20h - Documentaire Résidences Psychiatriques 2 btn_buynow_LG

Except that: I am concentrated on my contemporary ice skating projects.  We’ll be in the fringes of the Montréal Complètement Cirque Festival.

One of my experimental videos.


May 25th 2014
I transform my dwelling into an alternative art house during the month of June.  Le Loft Crade.

May 11th 2013
I am focussed on my work as a contemporary skating-artist.

Nov. 19th 2012
Thanks to everybody who came to my screenings “Psychiatric Hospital Documentary“, at The Whirled.  Big audiences like that help me fund my next documentary projects and, in my mind, are the keys to a truly independent and unbiased documentary film-making.  I really appreciate the support.

September 16th 2012
My documentary series Maisons de fous won a Gemini Award: best directing for a documentary series.  Gemini Awards are Canada’s equivalent of BAFTA awards.

Sept. 8th 2012: Thanks to everybody who came to “Psychiatric Hospital Documentary” in August and September.  I’m doing it again in November, when I’ll come back home in London, after a few gigs with my other project.

Aug 9th 2012: I really enjoyed the film nights “Propaganda & the Olympics“.  Thanks to everybody who came!  I met very interesting people and I am enthusiastic about doing more such nights.  The next one will be titled “Psychiatric Hospital Documentary“.  It will be at The Whirled, again.  On August 28th and September 3rd.

July 4th 2012: It is confirmed, I will host a screening and discussion about propaganda, the Olympics and film in London, during the Olympic Games.  All the info and the tickets are here.

June 16th 2012: My documentary series Maisons de fous is nominated for 2 Gemini prizes: best documentary series and best directing for documentary.  Gemini Awards are Canada’s equivalent of BAFTA awards.

May 8th 2012: I’m working hard at subtitling/dubbing my second documentary series about mental illness: Foliewood.  It’s about psychiatry in the community and in English it will be Crazywood.

April 2nd 2012
I finally have the courage to publish my article about Prostitution in the third world

March 27th 2012
I emerge from a long and awesome winter during which I worked more with my skates than with my camera.  I’m back at work on my videos, now.

Oct 18th 2011
Mercredi ordinary is available completely here.  A documentary about a Jazz band from Montréal and the Barfly, an infamous tavern.

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